My name is Andre Hofmeister and I have been working in the field of computer sciences for more than a decade.

It would be my pleasure to provide my passion and expertise in order to support you and your business in software development and consulting for digitization.

Transform Your Business with Digital Technologies

By using efficient digital technologies in the day-to-day business, you will be able to commit more time to your core business. Additionally, a working environment specifically customized to your needs allows you to keep a close eye on your customers' needs. Feel free to contact me for a consultation. I will support you with the conceptual design – planning – implementation and more.

Custom Software Solutions for Your Business

Software-solutions individually tailored to your needs facilitate your everyday tasks. Consult me for a customized web-app or desktop-application for you or your customers. You are currently in the process of developing your own software-solution and are in need of further assistance? I would gladly work with you on your project.

Enhance Software Quality with Expert Guidance

I will offer external impulses, which will ensure the continuous enhancement of your software. By providing a proper software architecture and regular analyses of your development, the software-quality will be sustainably improved. Contact me, if you would like to incorporate my vast experience and deep knowledge in your software.

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Shaping the Future Together

As an employee and software engineer in the semiconductor industry, I am deeply committed to the core values of ZEISS: precision, innovation, and responsibility. I take pride in contributing to the development of future cutting-edge technologies and working for a company that pushes the boundaries of imagination.

I am the author and maintainer of Testcontainers for .NET, a library designed to support testing with disposable instances of Docker containers.

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